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Kemal Pehlivanoglu

VP – Executive Director

Kemal Pehlivanoglu

Mr. Kemal P., is a highly accomplished executive director with over 27 years of experience in education and management consulting. With a strong background in both fields, he has established himself as a visionary leader in the educational sector.

Throughout his career, Mr. Kemal has served on the boards of several industry-leading companies, contributing his expertise and strategic insights. Notably, he played a pivotal role as a board member of the Doga schools, an esteemed institution with 45 campuses, 145 schools, and an impressive student enrollment of 57,000. In this capacity, Kemal actively engaged with a team of 6,200 personnel, overseeing their professional growth and ensuring the delivery of high-quality education.

Kemal’s academic achievements include a bachelor degrees in Educational Sciences and Psychology, and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Business Administration. Furthermore, he has pursued advanced studies towards a doctorate degree, enhancing his knowledge and expertise in the field of education.

Passionate about education, Kemal dedicates himself to fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment for students. He believes in the transformative power of education and strives to provide innovative solutions that empower students to reach their full potential.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Kemal cherishes his role as a non-profit organizational activist, husband and a father. He is married and has two sons, who inspire him to create a better future through education.