The Lighthouse Schools

Key Features and Innovations

Key features & innovations of The Lighthouse Schools

Unique Hybrid Learning

The Lighthouse Schools offer a unique educational model that blends traditional classroom-based learning and online education. This approach is customized to fit each student’s individual learning pace and style.

Academic Excellence

The school has partnered with Arizona State University to provide a rigorous online curriculum. Moreover, there’s an integration of essential Islamic studies, fostering a deeper appreciation for Islam.

Entrepreneurship Education

A unique feature of The Lighthouse Schools is its focus on entrepreneurship. Each student is required to own and operate their own business before graduation, providing them with practical business skills and experience.

Spiritual Enrichment

As an Islamic school exclusively for boys, the curriculum and campus life are designed to strengthen students’ connection with their faith and foster their spiritual development.

Personalized Mentorship

Every student is assigned a dedicated learning coach, as part of the Mentor, Motivate, Monitor (3M) model. These mentors provide guidance and closely monitor students’ progress.

Emphasis on Holistic Development

Beyond academics, the school provides a diverse array of extracurricular activities and resources for physical and social development. There’s also a focus on character education and leadership development programs.

Exceptional Boarding Experience

The boarding program is designed to provide a comfortable and enriching home away from home, complete with comfortable dormitory accommodations, 24/7 supervision, and activities promoting independence and responsibility.

Community Engagement

Students are required to undertake a community impact project every year, instilling a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to positive change.