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Rasanet (Dormitory)

Rasanet (Dormitory)

Welcome to our campus dormitory, where we guarantee comfort and convenience to ensure each student that “at-home” experience!

As a resident you will have the luxury of experiencing one of our dorm rooms assigned to you in one of our separate wing living areas. Although we have two separate wings of dorm rooms, they are both connected to the common-area lounge and recreation rooms that all our residents can make use of and enjoy.

When you join our campus as a resident you will be assigned to one of our 91 dorm rooms each equipped with either single beds or bunk beds. We also provide our residents with the utmost courtesy and privacy by assigning a maximum of two dorm rooms to a bathroom. Overall, this will eliminate many issues faced at many other boarding schools–such as long wait times for bathroom usage, sacrificing overall comfort and cleanliness because of the constant exposure and usage to so many residents.

We also understand the essential need for basic social-emotional bonding, stress management, and decompression. For that reason, we’ve designed a fully-functional recreational room with various lounge seating and common area commodities for students to engage in to help unwind after and in between classes.

Come experience the perfect balance of comfort, convenience, and community at our campus dormitory. We promise, it’ll be a home away from home!

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