SAT Camp

Lighthouse Schools recently hosted an SAT Camp during the Thanksgiving Break, held from November 21st to 26th, 2023, catering to sophomores and juniors. The event marked an exceptional experience for the attending students.

Throughout the 4.5-day program, students were engaged in intensive SAT preparation sessions, dedicating an average of 8 hours per day to focused study. Alongside academic endeavors, the camp also emphasized fostering a sense of unity and spiritual connection, integrating congregational prayers into the schedule. Students actively participated in various activities and leisure time, enhancing their overall experience.

The camp featured daily religious lectures, delivering insightful discussions on diverse facets of faith. These sessions provided students with valuable social interaction opportunities and fostered personal development.

During their stay, students participated in pre and post-camp SAT practice tests. On average, their SAT Math scores exhibited an improvement of 35 points, a testament to their dedication and progress throughout the program. The Lighthouse Schools staff expresses immense pride in the students’ work ethic and efforts displayed during the camp.

The Lighthouse Schools staff extends their gratitude to the families for entrusting them with the educational journey of the students. We found great pleasure in witnessing their academic and personal growth during their time at the SAT Camp. We eagerly anticipate further opportunities to provide valuable educational experiences for the students in the future.

We conducted an anonymous survey at the end of the camp and were delighted to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students. Here are some excerpts from their responses:

The camp contributed to my spiritual growth because I learned a lot about not just how to be a good Muslim, but also how to have good character as well. When we learned about Hadiths that mentioned good manners I wanted to implement that into my life.

I enjoyed the leisure time because it was what we wanted to do.

It helps strengthen your iman, and helps improve your SAT score.

I really enjoyed the spiritual and religious lessons I feel like I learned a lot. It is always nice to learn more about Islam and how to be a better Muslim.

I learned a lot of how to be muslim in America and how to have adaab and many useful learning strategies for my studying.

I think it was overall an amazing experience and I would enjoy doing something like this again. I got to meet new people, learn, and have fun.