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Social clubs

Social clubs

For our students, participation in “clubs” can be a transformational experience. 

 The Lighthouse Student clubs can benefit our students in many ways: 

·       provide an affinity group to make and cultivate friendships 

·       provide a signal to colleges about what you are interested in 

·       provide a path to leadership within an organization 

·       provide a low-risk way to “test” a fledgling interest in a topic 

·       provide a structure to start your own club 


The Lighthouse Student Clubs: 

  •  Interfaith Dialogue Club
  • Entrepreneurs Club 
  • Political Affiliation Clubs 
  • Robotics Club 
  • Coding and QA Club 
  • Taste of Cuisine Club
  • First Aid and Para Medical Club 
  • Photography Club 
  • Chess Club 
  • Library Club 


Start Your Own Club 

The Lighthouse Schools actively encourages students to start their own clubs. Not only does this foster great initiative, it’s also easier to establish a leadership position in the club when you’re in charge of it!  


Considerations Before Joining a Club:


·       Don’t join a club because you think it “will look good on your resume” 

·       Don’t overcommit to too many clubs at once 

·       Don’t wait until junior or senior year to join a club 

·       Don’t join a club and then not engage in the activities and events 


·       Do join a club because you are interested in the topic or mission 

·       Do join a club to test out your leadership abilities 

·       Do join a club to create a “path of interest” for colleges 

·       Do start a club to show initiative and resourcefulness 


How to Select a Club(s) 

1.       Get a list of Clubs available

2.       Make a list of things you’re interested in 

3.       Compare your list of interests with the school’s list of Clubs. 

4.       Have a game plan before attending “Club Day” at school. 

5.       Interview members of the Clubs about their experience 

6.       How much commitment does each Club expect/require? 

7.       Do you have enough room on your schedule to participate? 

8.       Is there a path to leadership in the Club? 

9.       If you don’t see a Club that you like, can you start your own?


Depth not Breadth 

Remember, when it’s time to apply to colleges, most will appreciate the depth of engagement, participation, and leadership over the absolute number of clubs.